Motor Protection Circuit Breaker-MPCB

Motor Protection Circuit Breaker-MPCB

Motor Protection Circuit Breaker-MPCB (also known as Manual Motor Starter)
Model: MS Series
Brand: ABB
Origin: Germany
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Introducing the MS Series Motor Protection Circuit Breaker-MPCB (also known as Manual Motor Starter), a robust device engineered with precision to meet your motor control needs effortlessly. With a compact 70 mm width and a range from 0.40 to 75 Amp (Ie), this starter is your go-to solution for seamlessly switching motors on and off while ensuring reliable protection against short circuits, overload, and phase failures — all without the need for a fuse.

Experience peace of mind with its impressive features, including a built-in disconnect function, temperature compensation, a trip-free mechanism, and a rotary handle equipped with a clear switch position indication. Designed for versatility, it suits both three- and single-phase applications, catering to various electrical setups.

Security is paramount, which is why the lockable handle prevents unauthorized adjustments, ensuring operational integrity. Need additional functionalities? Explore our range of accessories, from auxiliary contacts to Undervoltage releases, tailored to enhance your motor control system further.

With a rated service short-circuit breaking capacity (Ics) of 25 kA at 400 VAC and a trip class 10, rest assured of its reliability even under demanding conditions. Plus, with a rated insulation voltage (Ui) of 690 volts and a wide ambient air temperature range from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius, it’s built to withstand diverse environments.

Discover the ultimate solution for your motor control needs with the MPCB Manual Motor Starter, where efficiency meets durability for uninterrupted performance.

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