ABB VD4 Series VCB

ABB VD4 Series VCB

Product: Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB)
Brand: ABB
Model: VD4 Series
Origin: Italy
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ABB VD4 Series VCB: VD4 Medium voltage vacuum circuit-breakers 12…24 kV – 630…3150 A – 16…40 kA
The new VD4 is a synthesis of the renowned technology in designing and constructing vacuum interrupters embedded in resin poles and of excellence in design, engineering, and production of circuit-breakers. The VD4 medium voltage circuit breakers use vacuum interrupters embedded in resin poles. Embedding the interrupter in resin makes the circuit-breaker poles particularly sturdy
and protects the interrupter against shocks, accumulation of dust, and humidity. The vacuum interrupter houses the contacts and makes up the interrupting chamber.

Vacuum interruption technique

• Vacuum contacts protected against oxidation and contamination
• Vacuum interrupter embedded in the resin poles
• Interrupter protected against shocks, dust, and humidity
• Operation under different climatic conditions
• Limited switching energy
• Stored energy operating mechanism with anti-pumping device supplied as standard
• Simple customization with a complete range of accessories
• Fixed and withdrawable version
• Compact dimensions
• Sealed-for-life poles
• Sturdiness and reliability
• Limited maintenance
• Circuit-breaker racking in and racking out with the door closed
• Incorrect and hazardous operations are prevented thanks to special locks in the operating mechanism and the truck
• High environmental compatibility

ABB VD4 Series VCB Features:

• Highly reliable operating mechanisms thanks to a low number of components that are manufactured using production systems for large quantities
• Extremely limited and simple maintenance
• The accessories are common to the whole range and are identical for either a.c. or d.c. applications
• The electrical accessories can be installed or replaced easily and rapidly thanks to the cabling which is already prepared with its plug-socket connectors
• Mechanical anti-pumping device is supplied as standard
• Built-in closing spring charging lever
• Key lock with circuit breaker open
• Protective covering over the opening and closing pushbuttons to be operated using a special tool
• Padlock device on the operating pushbuttons

ABB Air Circuit Breaker – VD4 Series Price list:

Air Circuit Breaker – VD4 (Italy Make)
Sl No. Description Model Current Rating Type MRP 2023
1 630A VCB VD4 12.06.20 P150 20kA Fixed 743,000
2 630A VCB VD4 12.06.25 P150 25kA Fixed 772,500
3 630A VCB VD4 12.06.32 P150 32kA Fixed 811,000
4 1250A VCB VD4 12.12.25 P150 25kA Fixed 804,000
5 1250A VCB VD4 12.12.32 P150 32kA Fixed 845,000
6 630A VCB VD4/P 12.06.20 P150 20kA Withdrawable 1,000,500
7 630A VCB VD4/P 12.06.25 P150 25kA Withdrawable 10,41,000
8 630A VCB VD4/P 12.06.32 P150 32kA Withdrawable 10,93,000
9 1250A VCB VD4/P 12.12.25 P150 25kA Withdrawable 10,82,500
10 1250A VCB VD4/P 12.12.32 P150 32kA Withdrawable 11,35,700
11 1600A VCB VD4/P 12.16.20 P250 20kA Withdrawable 13,53,000
12 1600A VCB VD4/P 12.16.25 P250 25kA Withdrawable 14,06,500
13 2000A VCB VD4/P 12.20.20 P250 20kA Withdrawable 17,31,000
14 2000A VCB VD4/P 12.20.25 P250 25kA Withdrawable 18,04,000
15 2500A VCB VD4/P 12.25.20 P275 20kA Withdrawable 24,60,000
16 2500A VCB VD4/P 12.25.25 P275 25kA Withdrawable 25,00,000
17 Female Socket 58Pole Connector 32,500


VD4 Series VCB:  

  1. ABB VD4 Series VCB
  2. Medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers
  3. VD4 circuit breakers
  4. Vacuum interrupter technology
  5. Resin pole circuit-breakers
  6. Vacuum interruption technique
  7. Reliable circuit-breaker poles
  8. Limited maintenance VD4 breakers
  9. Customizable circuit-breaker accessories
  10. Sealed-for-life poles reliability
  11. Environmentally compatible VCB
  12. Highly reliable operating mechanisms
  13. Simple maintenance VD4 features
  14. Easy installation of electrical accessories
  15. Mechanical anti-pumping device
  16. Key lock safety mechanism
  17. Protective covering pushbuttons
  18. Padlock device for security

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