Unlocking Electrical Safety: RCCB Circuit Breaker Price in Bangladesh

In the dynamic landscape of electrical safety, Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCBs) stand as crucial guardians, providing an added layer of protection against electrical faults. Let’s delve into the significance of RCCBs, and their diverse applications, and explore the pricing dynamics in Bangladesh. RCCB Circuit Breaker Price in Bangladesh. 

RCCB Circuit Breaker: Definition and Importance

RCCBs, also known as residual current devices (RCDs), are advanced circuit breakers designed to quickly disconnect the power supply when they detect a leakage current. This leakage could occur due to a fault in the electrical system or, more critically, when a person comes into contact with a live part. The swift response of RCCBs is paramount in preventing electric shocks and potential fatalities.

The importance of RCCBs lies in their ability to enhance electrical safety in both residential and commercial settings. By constantly monitoring the current flowing through live and neutral wires, RCCBs can promptly cut off the power supply if any imbalance is detected. This not only safeguards individuals from electric shocks but also prevents electrical fires caused by faulty appliances or wiring.

Applications of RCCBs

  1. Residential Installations: RCCBs are integral to home safety, protecting residents from the risks of electric shocks and ensuring the well-being of the household.
  2. Commercial Buildings: In commercial spaces, where a multitude of electrical devices and machinery coexist, RCCBs play a vital role in maintaining a safe working environment.
  3. Industrial Settings: Industrial complexes with complex electrical systems benefit from RCCBs, mitigating the risks associated with large-scale machinery and high-voltage equipment.

RCCB Circuit Breaker Price in Bangladesh

Current Rating (A) Sensitivity (mA) Model/Product Type Unit Price
25 30 mA F202AC-25/0.03 7050
40 30 mA F202AC-40/0.03 9300
63 30 mA F202AC-63/0.03 13500
80 30 mA F202AC-80/0.03 17500
100 30 mA F202AC-100/0.03 21000
63 100 mA F202AC-63/0.1 14500
80 100 mA F202AC-80/0.1 18500
100 100 mA F202AC-100/0.1 22500
80 300 mA F202AC-80/0.3 13000
100 300 mA F202AC-100/0.3 20000

The pricing of RCCBs in Bangladesh varies based on factors such as brand, current rating, and additional features. Reputable brands like ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric, and others offer a range of RCCBs with different specifications to cater to diverse needs.

In the Bangladesh market, entry-level RCCBs suitable for residential use can be found in the Taka 4000 to Taka 8000 range, while more robust industrial-grade options may fall within the Taka 6500 to Taka 22500 range.

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