Sako Voltage Stabilizer

Sako Voltage Stabilizer is a brand of Zhejiang Sanke New Energy Co.,Ltd, China. “Sako” stands as a distinguished manufacturer in the world of voltage stabilizers in China. Renowned for its commitment to excellence and quality, SAKO specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of voltage stabilizers, spanning from 600VA to an impressive 300kVA capacity. Operating under two prominent brand names, SAKO and TMUX, the company prides itself on delivering top-tier products to meet a variety of power stabilization needs. Both brand lines feature an array of single-phase stabilizers, including models such as AVS, GVR, SPM, SVC, and TVR, among others. This comprehensive range ensures that clients can find a stabilizer tailored to their specific requirements and preferences. For three-phase applications, Zhejiang Sanke New Energy Co., Ltd extends its expertise to the TNS Series, which covers a robust capacity range from 9kVA to 100kVA. Additionally, the company manufactures the SBW Series, a servo-type voltage stabilizer designed for three-phase systems with an extensive capacity spectrum ranging from 50kVA to a staggering 3000kVA.┬áThe commitment to quality and innovation exhibited by SAKO is evident in its diverse product portfolio, showcasing cutting-edge technology and reliability. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to delivering high-performance voltage stabilizers, Zhejiang Sanke New Energy Co., Ltd has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, meeting the evolving needs of a dynamic and power-dependent world. Call us for any sales query: 096758566000, 01976566000, 01720566000


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