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Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) and Electrical Earthing in Bangladesh

In a country like Bangladesh, where thunderstorms are a common occurrence, safeguarding structures against lightning strikes and ensuring effective electrical earthing is of paramount importance. Let’s explore the significance of Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) and the crucial role of Earthing Backfill Compound (BFC), shedding light on why Impress Corporation Limited is the ideal choice for comprehensive lightning protection solutions. Impress Corporation Limited is the most reliable and experienced LPS Supplier Company Bangladesh.

Definition of Lightning Protection System (LPS): 

A Lightning Protection System is a set of devices designed to mitigate the impact of lightning strikes on structures and their occupants. It includes components like air terminals, conductors, and grounding systems strategically installed to provide a safe path for the lightning’s energy to reach the ground.

How it Works:

LPS works by intercepting the lightning strike with air terminals, channeling the electrical energy through conductors, and safely dispersing it into the ground through an efficient grounding system. This prevents damage to buildings, and electrical systems, and ensures the safety of the people inside.

Importance of Electrical Earthing and BFC:

Effective electrical earthing, complemented by high-quality Earthing Backfill Compound (BFC), is paramount in dissipating electrical faults and preventing potential disasters. BFC enhances the conductivity of the soil around the grounding system, ensuring a low-resistance path for electrical currents. This significantly reduces the risk of electrical fires, and equipment damage, and ensures the safety of occupants.

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Arresters:

The Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Arrester is a sophisticated device integral to Lightning Protection Systems, strategically emitting a streamer to attract lightning strikes. Positioned to encourage lightning development, this technology expands the protection radius, adopting a proactive approach to lightning safety. By detecting approaching storm electric fields, the ESE Lightning Arrester emits an early streamer, intercepting lightning discharge before reaching the structure, enhancing overall Lightning Protection System efficiency. Renowned brands such as Delta, Prevectron, and Indelec offer top-quality ESE Lightning Arresters, crucial for safeguarding lives and assets in thunderstorm-prone areas. Investing in ESE technology is a proactive and reliable solution, contributing to a comprehensive lightning protection strategy across various applications, from residences to industrial complexes.

Top Brand Names of ESE Lightning Arresters:

In the realm of LPS, Electrostatic (ESE) Arresters are crucial. Some top-notch brands in Bangladesh include ABB, Global LPS, France Paratonnerres, and Indelec.

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Why Choose Impress Corporation Limited:

Impress Corporation Limited stands out as a trusted LPS installer and vendor in Bangladesh, offering comprehensive solutions for lightning protection and electrical earthing. Committed to quality and compliance with industry standards, Impress Corporation Limited ensures that your property is resilient against the unpredictable forces of nature.

Contact Details:

For inquiries and consultations, reach out to Impress Corporation Limited at 09678 566000, 0197656600, 01720566000.

In conclusion, as thunderstorms become more frequent in Bangladesh, investing in a robust Lightning Protection System and reliable electrical earthing is a wise decision. Choose Impress Corporation Limited for peace of mind, knowing your property and loved ones are safeguarded against the unpredictable forces of nature and electrical hazards.

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