Earthing Materials Supplier Bangladesh: Buy all kinds of earthing materials from Impress Corporation Limited. We are a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, dealer, and distributor of Grounding materials.

Earthing Electrodes:

  • GI Chemical Electrode
  • Copper Bonded GI Electrode
  • Pure Copper Chemical Electrode
  • Pure Copper Solid Electrode

Dimension of Chemical Electrodes: 

Length of Electrode: 1 MTR, 2 MTR, 3 MTR, Dia of Electrode: 50mm, 63mm, 76 mm

Chemical Gel or Backfill Compound: 

Backfill Compound is a composition of different chemicals that enhances ground conductivity by reducing the resistance of the soil. Other names: Ground Enhancing Materials (GEM), Earth Enhancing Gel, Earthing Chemical, Earthing Chemical Compound.