3 kVA Online UPS Price in Bangladesh: 1 Phase input and 1 Phase output UPS. True Online Double conversion type UPS with Voltage Frequency Independent capability.

3 kVA UPS, 6 kVA UPS, 10 KVA UPS, 20 kVA UPS, 30 kVA UPS, 40 kVA UPS, 60 kVA UPS, 80 kVA UPS, 100 kVA UPS available at stock.

Transformer-less UPS for IT, commercial and residential applications whereas Transformer based UPS for industrial applications. Best Online UPS of the world available at Impress Corporation Limited. Impress Corporation Limited is importer, dealer, distributor and reseller of Online UPS in Bangladesh.

Applications: IT Loads (Desktop Computer, Server, laptop etc.), Telecom, Fire Alarm, Access Control, CCTV Camera, PA System, Jacquard Machine, PLC, Medical Equipment, Small Motor, commercial loads etc.

Key Features:

  • True double-conversion
  • Digital control guarantees high reliability
  • ECO mode operation for energy saving
  • Output receptacle control for non-critical load shedding capability
  • Emergency power off function (EPO)
  • Generator compatibility
  • Communication Protocol: RS-232, USB, SNMP card (Optional), Relay card (Optional)
  • Bypass can be used when UPS is off
  • Cold start
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