Legrand UPS in Bangladesh: Power backup solution

Welcome to the world of Legrand UPS – where uninterrupted power meets cutting-edge technology. As an authorized distributor of Inform, a distinguished brand under the Legrand Group, Impress Corporation Limited brings you a diverse range of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions tailored to your power backup needs.

Legrand UPS Technology: Legrand UPS is not just a power backup solution; it’s a comprehensive electrical apparatus designed to ensure a seamless power supply during utility failures and protect your critical loads from overvoltage and surges. The technology behind Legrand UPS reflects a commitment to excellence, embodying the precision and reliability associated with French manufacturing.

Types of Legrand UPS: Explore our extensive collection of UPS types, including Line Interactive, Offline, and Double Conversion (Online) models. Certain Legrand UPS variants are specialized for regenerative loads, making them ideal for a range of applications such as industrial loads, elevators (lifts), CNC machines, and more.

Applications Across Industries: Legrand UPS systems find their applications in various sectors, ensuring reliable power for corporate offices, factories, hospitals, commercial buildings, data centers, BTS, Railways, Airports, and beyond.

Diverse Models for Every Need: Whether you need a 1 Phase In- 1 Phase Out model, 3 Phase In- 1 Phase Out configuration, or a robust 3 Phase In-3 Phase Out UPS, Legrand has you covered. Our Pyramid DSP Series, Forte Series, Stark Series, and the innovative Modular UPS like Modulera Series with Decentralized Parallel Architecture offer a range of options to meet your specific requirements.

Legrand UPS in Bangladesh

1 Phase In- 1 Phase Out Models

3 Phase In- 1 Phase Out

  • DSP Multipower Convertible (10-20 kVA)- Rack-Tower Convertible Type
  • DSP Multipower Tower (15-20 kVA)
  • Saver Plus DSP 15-10 kVA
  • DSP Flexipower 10 kVA
  • Pyramid DSP Series 10-40 kVA

3 Phase In-3 Phase Out

Modular UPS:

Why Choose Legrand UPS? Legrand UPS ensures not just power protection but peace of mind. Elevate your power backup strategy with Legrand UPS – where technology, innovation, and the legacy of Legrand converge to keep your operations running seamlessly.

Choose Impress Corporation Limited for UPS solutions that redefine power reliability. For inquiries and personalized recommendations, contact us at [Your Contact Information]. Trust Legrand UPS for power solutions that go beyond expectations.

Impress Corporation Limited is the Authorized Distributor of Inform UPS (a Group brand of Legrand) . ABB, Legrand, Inform, GE, DELTA, Riello. KStar, Kehua, Emerson, Makelsan, Vertiv, Elen UPS and Voltage Stabilizer.impress-phone-number-BD