Legrand UPSUninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electrical equipment that provides power backup during utility (mains) fails/ load shedding. It supplies backup power and protects the loads also from over voltage and surges.

Types: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) by Legrand are different types. We supply Inform (Legrand) branded Line Interactive, Offline and Double Conversion (Online) UPS. Some of Legrand UPS models are suitable for regenerative loads. This UPS are suitable for industrial loads, elevator (lift), CNC machine etc.

Applications: Corporate offices, factories, hospitals, commercial buildings, data centers, BTS, Railways, Airports and so on.

1 Phase In- 1 Phase Out Models

  • Sinus LCD 1-3 KVA- Rack-Tower Convertible Type
  • Sinus 1-3 KVA
  • DSP Multipower Convertible (5-20 KVA)- Rack-Tower Convertible Type
  • DSP Flexipower 3-10 kVA
  • Sinus EVO 1-3 kVA
  • DSP EVO 6-10 kVA

3 Phase In- 1 Phase Out

  • DSP Multipower Convertible (10-20 kVA)- Rack-Tower Convertible Type
  • DSP Multipower Tower (15-20 kVA)
  • Saver Plus DSP 15-10 kVA
  • DSP Flexipower 10 kVA
  • Pyramid DSP Series 10-40 kVA

3 Phase In-3 Phase Out

  • Pyramid DSP 10-400 kVA
  • Pyramid DSP-T 10-300 kVA
  • Pyramid DSP Premium 10-400 kVA
  • Forte Series 10-400 kVA
  • Stark Series 10-40 kVA

Modular UPS:

  • Modulera Series, 60-100-200 kVA (Decentralized Parallel Architecture)

Impress Corporation Limited is the Authorized Distributor of Inform UPS (a Group brand of Legrand) . ABB, Legrand, Inform, GE, DELTA, Riello. KStar, Kehua, Emerson, Makelsan, Vertiv, Elen UPS and Voltage Stabilizer.impress-phone-number-BD