Gas Extinguishing Panel

Gas Extinguishing Panel

Ravel Fir Panel Bangladesh
Model: NFS-320 RE-25 AR, RE-120GR, RE127-GR
Origin: India
UL Listed, LPCB, VDS Approved
Phone: 09678 566 000, 01720566000



  • Gas Extinguishing Panel / Agent Releasing Control Panel
  • Responds quickly to extinguish agent.
  • Modular construction. Easily serviceable.
  • LCD Display and LED Indicator.
  • Inbuilt Surge Protection.
  • NAC Output
  • 3 different models
  • Drift compensation
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • UL Listed


  • Quick and simple to install
    Discreet design for incorporation into any decor
    Easy to maintain/service

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Agent Releasing Panel / Gas Extinguishing Panel


UL Listed

Primary Power

120 – 220VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz, 2.5Amps.

Charging Circuit

Charging Voltage : 28.0V, ± 0.2V
Charging current : 800mA (Max).

D.C. Output Power

Supervised 24VDC regulated, 300mA.

Programmable Input circuits

No. of Inputs : 4

Standby Current

220 µA (average)

Initiating Device Circuits

All Zones are Class B Style B/C

Notification Appliance Circuits

Class B, Style – Y wiring
No of circuits : 2
Operating Voltage : 24VDC
Nominal Current : 0.6A per circuit
Line Drop : 1.8V


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