FM200 Fire Suppression

FM200 Fire Suppression

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Brand: ANSUL (Tyco)/ Mobiak/ Kidde (UTC)
Model: FM200 / HFC227ea
Origin: USA/EU
UL Listed, LPCB, VDS Approved
Phone: 01720-566000, 01976-566000


FM200 Fire Suppression

FM200 is a clean agent fire suppression system that protects high value assets from fire and the effects of fire-fighting. Other names of FM200 are HFC227, HFC22ea, Heptafluoropropane. It allows the users to resume normal operations quickly with no collateral damage and clean-up costs. Fire Protection is at the forefront of new technologies in fire safety, offering a range of state-of-the-art fire extinguishing systems.

Benefits of FM200 Fire Suppression System

  • Fast and effective against a wide range of Class A, B and electrical fires.
  • Safe for occupied areas.
  • Non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive.
  • No post-discharge residue, no clean-up required.
  • Environmentally acceptable.
  • 25 bar system.
  • Engineered and pre-engineered systems available.
  • Range of system release options.
  • Low installation and maintenance costs.
  • Computer design maximizes effectiveness of system.
  • FM Global and LPCB approved components with UL listed systems available on request.
  • Marine systems available.

Major brands we deal with: Mobiak S.A, ANSUL (Tyco) , Kidde-Fenwal (UTC Fire & Security), Chemetron (UTC), 3M, Firetrace, Janus.  Impress Corporation Limited is importer and authorized distributor of FM200, HFC 227ea in Bangladesh (BD), Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Africa.

Additional information

Basic Items

Cylinder and Valve Assembly
Solenoid valve
Solenoid valve w/Supervisory Pressure Switch
Discharge tube
Manual-pneumatic actuator
Pressure gauge w/Supervisory Pressure Switch

System Accessories

Manual-Pneumatic Actuator Connection
Pressure Gauge/Solenoid Pilot Valve Assembly Connection
Safety Disc Connection
Discharge Connection
Pilot Connection



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    Best product for server rooms.

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