ABB ESE Lightning Arrester

ABB ESE Lightning Arrester

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ESE Lightning Arrester

Model: OPR 60, OPR30

Origin: France
Phone: 09678566000, 01976566000, 01720566000


The ABB ESE Lightning Arrester by ABB is a state-of-the-art solution for safeguarding your electrical systems against the destructive forces of lightning strikes and overvoltage events. Proudly crafted in France, it embodies the renowned precision and reliability associated with French engineering.

Designed with the utmost expertise, the OPR 60 and OPR30 ESE Lightning Arrester is a critical component in ensuring the longevity and safety of electrical installations. Lightning strikes and power surges can wreak havoc on equipment, causing downtime, costly repairs, and, in worst cases, posing safety risks. ABB’s Lightning Arrester is a formidable defense mechanism, redirecting the destructive energy safely to the ground, away from your critical infrastructure.

ABB, a trusted brand in the electrical industry, brings its wealth of knowledge and innovation to the OPR 60 and OPR30 Lightning Arrester. This arrester offers a robust and effective solution for diverse applications, from industrial facilities to residential structures, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and peace of mind.

With its French origin, the OPR 60 Lightning Arrester reflects the commitment to quality and precision for which French manufacturing is celebrated. It is a testament to the dedication to engineering excellence, making it a dependable choice for protecting your electrical systems from the unpredictable forces of nature. Invest in the OPR 60 Lightning Arrester, and fortify your electrical infrastructure with a touch of French sophistication and reliability.


  • OPR 60 Lightning Arrester by ABB
  • OPR 30 Lightning Arrester by ABB
  • Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Arrester 
  • Double Early Streamer Emission (ESE) System
  • ESE produces upward emissions. 
  • High Capacity
  • Guaranteed Long Life 
  • Electro Atmospheric Condenser
  • Atmospheric Accelerator

ABB ESE Lightning Arrester

  • OPR 60 Lightning Arrester Bangladesh
  • OPR 30 Lightning Arrester Bangladesh
  • Early Streamer Emission Technology
  • French Origin Lightning Arrester
  • ABB ESE Lightning Protection
  • Reliable Lightning Protection Solution
  • OPR 60 Arrester for Industrial Facilities
  • Guaranteed Long Life Lightning Arrester
  • Atmospheric Accelerator Technology

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Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

ESE Lightning Arrester


IEC 62.305
UNE 21.186:2011
NFC 17.102:2011
EN 50.164/1




OPR30, OPR60


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