Fiamm Battery

Fiamm Battery

Fiamm Asia Head Office Distributor Address

  • Brand: FIAMM
  • Model: SP, FLB, SLA, FIT, FG, FGC, FGH, FGHL, FAT, SSLA, , FLX, Titanium Pro, energycube APC, powerCUBE APC  etc.
  • Origin: Italy, China
  • Capacity: 12V 4-250 Ah, 2V 100-3000 Ah
  • Call: 01720-566000, 01976-566000
  • Email:


Fiamm Battery: Fiamm is an Italian Battery manufacturer having production facilities in Italy and China. After acquisition, FIAMM Energy Technology S.p.A. is now a part of Hitachi. It manufactures a wide range of high class AGM VRLA, Gel VRLA and Flooded batteries for UPS, Rectifier, Automobile etc.

  • VRLA AGM Battery
  • Designed to achieve optimal performance and to protect from power disturbances.
  • ideal for:
    – UPS application
    – Emergency lighting
    – Signaling
    – Security & alarm systems
    – Light traction applications
    – Camping & yachting
  • 6 volt and 12 volt mono-blocks
  • Optimized for discharge from 15 min up to 20 hours
  • Easy installation in cabinets or racks
  • Non-spill-able
  • Flame retardant plastics FVO
  • VRLA AGM and gas recombination technology with
  • 99% internal recombination
  • Maintenance free without topping-up
  • Non-hazardous for air/sea/rail/ road transportation
  • 100% Recyclable

Impress Corporation Limited is the Authorized Sole Distributor of FIAMM in Bangladesh.

Additional information


4-250 Ah

Designed Life

>10 Years


Sealed Maintenance Free


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