Bergvik ISO Floor

Bergvik ISO Floor

Bergvik Raised Floor Bangladesh
Model: ISO Floor
Origin: Sweden
Phone: 01720-566000, 01976-566000

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Dynamic Raised Floor System

for GSM Network Operation Centers, Call Centres, MCC Rooms, Data Centers, Electrical Rooms etc.

System Description
Assemblies composed of modular and self supporting floor sub-structure bolted together, having gravity placed floor panels on top not connected to the pedestal supports. Lateral strength of floor system is fully independent from all floor panels being in place or fully removed.

End user Features and Benefits
The following features and benefits will provide a lower total cost for the end client:
* The high lateral stability allows all panels to be removed without the risk of the floor shifting. Floor heights available from 300 to 2400 mm in non seismic zones.
* Up to 25% more equipment in Operations Center using 800×600 mm floor panels. Panels are therefore fully removable in the aisles, which makes it easy for service and supplementation of equipment.
* System flexibility means future equipment expansion (life cycle) is built into the design.
* Equipment mounted on the floor can be bolted directly to the floor structure.
* The all-bolted floor structure is sufficiently grounded with only two (2) grounding wires attached in opposite corners of the floor mechanics.
* Up to 70% less pedestal supports than with conventional pedestal floors.
* Highly wear resistant floor panels are direct-laminated to prevent delamination.
* NEBS tested seismic bracing frames for zone 3–4 will integrate with the floor mechanics.
* Installations in more than 100 countries since 1970.

Additional information


ISO Raised Access Floor

Test Standard

ASTM E84-05 and NFPA 266

Nominal dimensions

800×600 or 600×600 mm Tolerance: -0.1 +0 mm


38 mm Tolerance: -0.1 +0.1 mm

Diagonal difference

Less than 0.3 mm


720 kg/m3 Tolerance: +/- 5%


800×600 = 13 kg, 600×600 = 10 kg

Moist resistant quality

V313 or Koskipro MR

Electrical resistance, surface to ground

2×1010 Ohm in accordance with EN 1081

Rolling load

tested in accordance with CISCA

Standard surface colour pattern

M335 Granite

Uniform distributed load - standard value

8 kN/m2

Max allowed Uniform distributed load

50 kN/m2 incl Iso Floor substructure

Concentrated load - standard value

5 kN

Max allowed concentrated load

8 kN incl Iso Floor substructure


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