Environment Monitoring System

Environment Monitoring System

Control Panel/Server Model: Enviromux-16D, Enviromux-5D, Enviromux-2D
Origin: USA


Environment Monitoring System (EMS) is  an electronic device that monitors a site’s environment and reports accordingly. It is often known as Site monitor or Site Monitoring System.  The system comprises a host control panel and some peripherals.


  • Data Center / Server Room.
  • Power Room (UPS Room, Rectifier Room, Substation Room).
  • Telecom Switch Room.
  • Laboratories/ Chemical Room.
  • Warehouse/ Store Room.


EMS Controller/ Site Monitor Server: It is a device that acts as a controller of all devices. It is connected to all devices as a hub station. It receives signals from the peripherals and reports to the customer.

Remote Temperature & Humidity Sensor : Temperature and humidity is one of the biggest concerns to the data center managers.  Data center facilities needs 24/7 hours monitoring. This sensor detects temperature and humidity changes and let you know via SMS, Email and siren (as you configure).

Water Leak Detection Sensor: This is also known as Water Leak Detection Rope, Liquid Detection Sensor and as Fluid Detection Sensor. There are two types of leak detectors- Rope style and spot device style detectors. This is a very important device for every data center. It detects the presence of water/liquid/fluid at the specified area.

Vibration Detection Sensor: Detects vibration and alerts the customer accordingly. It can help shut down at the early stage of earth quack.

Motion Detection Sensor: Detects any movement inside the specified area. Helps to prevent theft as it warns immediately anyone enter the area.

Door Lock Detection Sensor: Detects door opening and closing. Helps to prevent theft as it warns immediately anyone enter the area. 

Air Flow Detector: Cooling is a very crucial issue for data centers, telecom rooms because temperature rise can cause of shut down the servers.  . This device detects air flow rate and let you know remotely via SNMP/Modbus.

Wind Speed Sensor: This device detects wind speed rate and let you know remotely via SNMP/Modbus.

Smoke Detector: Smoke detectors can be connected with the EMS and alerts customer when fire is detected.

SNMP Card: Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an electronic card. It collects signals from devices and shares with customer after formulation.

GSM Modem: The EMS is connected with the internet through GSM Modem. This device connects the Site Monitor to the internet.

Additional information

Sensors supported:

Environmux-16D: 16 external configurable sensors, 8 digital inputs, 4 output relays
Environmux-5D: 5 external configurable sensors, 5 digital inputs, 2 output relays
Environmux-2D: 2 external configurable sensors, 5 digital inputs, 1 output relay


User-programmable IP camera snapshots

Operating System

Linux inside

Dry Contact Closures


Output Relay



Ethernet Ports, USB


HTTP/HTTPS, SNMP V1/V2c/V3, SMTP, TCP/IP, Syslog, SNTP, DHCP, SSHv2, SSLv3, TLS v1.2, LDAPv3, XOAUTH2, AES 256-bit, 3DES, Blowfish, RSA, EDH-RSA, Arcfour, IPV6, WAP 2.0, RADIUS

Regulatory Approvals

EN51055, EN50121-3-2


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